UPVC Door Locks

UPVC Door Locks

Locked Out?

With timely repair, the condition and operation of UPVC door locks can be kept optimal at all times. When replacement is necessary, make sure the new device should be more advanced.

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Modern UPVC door locks are designed to be strong and to perform reliably. However, even the best locksets and doors can get damaged and/or start to malfunction. In such cases, timely resolution is required for keeping the property as secure as before.

UPVC Door Locks in United Kingdom

Fix the door lock

It is usually quite easy to notice a problem with the operation of the lockset. Common signs include blockage of the keyway, inability to turn the key smoothly and difficult movement of the bolt. The device is carefully inspected for pinpointing the problematic component. Usually, it is the cylinder or the locking mechanism. If the component cannot be fixed, it is replaced with a new one of the same type and size. When necessary, the internal components are cleaned and lubricated for achieving perfect performance.

Mechanisms and Replacement

Most modern locksets use multipoint mechanisms. This means that they have one or more bolts. This allows them to provide a higher level of security, but the risk of damage and malfunction becomes greater as well. It is possible for one or more of the bolts to stop retracting in and out, which might cause the entire lockset to malfunction. If lock repair is not possible in this case, the device will be replaced. It is always best to opt for a more advanced lockset that will offer a higher level of security for a long time to come.

Align the UPVC door

Misalignment is usually due to an issue with the hinges. One or both of them may be loose or broken. The problem is easy to notice as the door will simply not fit into the frame. The hinges should be repaired or replaced depending on their condition and then lubricated. This allows for the door to be adjusted accurately and securely.

Our skilled and experienced technicians are always available to resolve lock issues of any kind. Count on us for quick and effective repair and replacement. We also offer to fix and adjust the entire door. Contact us at Locksmith Golders Green to get the proper solution for you, in the shortest time.

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