Types of Combination Locks

Types of Combination Locks

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Modern combination locks became popular in 1870’s, although the use of this type of lock can be traced years back, found in a Roman tomb. In 1200’s, combination locks were also made by Muhammad Al-Astrulabi. A couple of them can be found in Boston and Copenhagen Museum. Combination locks are now popularly used in households and companies. While they are most commonly used to open safes, they are also used in other things, including bikes and gates.

More about Combination Locks

Types of Combination LocksThe professionals in Locksmith Golders Green specialise in these types of locks and according to them, there are generally four types, including single dial, multiple dial, push button and electronic combination. While they may differ in some ways, they all allow keyless entry, which means a key is not needed in order to open the door, safe or whatever is locked. A lost key would not be a concern as it wouldn’t require one. How does it work? The right combination of characters should be entered in order to open the lock. The safe or door would not open unless the right combination is put in.

A single dial or rotary combination must be rotated or turned to the left or to the right to hit the right combination. You would often see them in padlocks, vaults and safes. Multiple dials, on the other hand, have separate dials that need to be rolled up or down for each character until you get all the characters right. Another type is the push button, which also allows you to set characters for the combination. However, unlike the other types, there are push buttons that would accept varying sequences as long as the characters are complete. For instance, if it’s set to open with the combination “4567”, the lock can still be opened even if you entered them in random sequence like “7654” or “5467”. Electronic combinations are the ones you often see in automatic gates and doors. They are also used in safes. The correct character combination must be entered on the keypad for the door to be opened. In businesses, authorised employees are given access by letting them know about the secret combination. As long as the secret code is safe, this provides great security in the premises as the possible combinations are too many that it would be difficult to guess the right one. It would just be risky if someone who should not have access to it learned about the code for some reason.

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