The Important Parts of Your Lock

The Important Parts of Your Lock

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Locks have been utilized to secure doors against thieves and any unauthorized access to your home and business. There are different types and they are graded according to the security that they provide. When choosing one for your home, it is important to know more about its parts and how they contribute to the overall working mechanism.The Important Parts of Your Lock

A standard 5-tumbler key version is made of various kinds of strong metals. However, the internal mechanisms are made of die cast zinc or brass. The cam, which is the part of the lock that looks like a protrusion from the lock to secure it, is made of stainless steel or simply steel. On the other hand, the outer casing is typically made of chrome, nickel, steel, brass, and other durable metal.

Different parts of a lock

A lock is graded according to its security feature. A low security type is made from less expensive materials. Most parts of this kind can be mass produced. On the other hand, high quality versions are also available and they are considered high security locks. The internal mechanisms are created to fit particular lock orders. The other parts include the cylinder or the plug. This is where the key fits into. In addition, guard plates, cam or bolt, washers and the casing are the other components. The number of parts varies depending on the design of the lock. A relatively simple version consists of about thirty separate parts.

Each part can be considered important as they make up the entire structure and without one, it may not work. While locks may vary according to the different types as well as different quality, it is important to choose wisely when it comes to purchasing one for your home. You have to make sure that the lock you use is reliable and durable. Moreover, you should consider one that suits the type of security that you want for your home. With the right lock, you can be assured that your home is secured from thieves and burglars.

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